Tapestry of Dreams Parade

Dream Seeker Elfin
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Concept: Epcot’s magical parade, "Tapestry of Dreams," celebrates children, dreams and the legacy of Walt Disney. The spectacle begins with Dream Seekers dancing alongside the Dream Catcher -- an enormous "float" that interacts with guests. The parade is a "visible dream," in which ideas, images and emotions are evoked through a series of extraordinary puppets and music.

Parade Length: 30 minutes

Performed: Twice daily at 6:30 and 8:10 p.m.

Location: From Mexico to Morocco in World Showcase.

Puppets: Eight different puppets and 54 designs. Colorful, larger-than-life puppets soar 12 to 19 feet high with wingspans between 8 and 16 feet wide.

Performers: 112 cast members including drivers.

Music: Original music was composed by Gavin Greenaway and Jonathon Barr, and recorded in London by members of the London Symphony Orchestra and Royal Philharmonic.

Lighting: Features 412 lighting fixtures throughout the promenade.

Audio System: The largest networked audio system in the world with 416 speakers throughout the promenade and 137 amplifiers, totaling 164,400 watts of power.

Highlights: The parade is divided into the Procession and the Celebration.

The Procession blends music with children’s voices, each telling their own dream, interspersed with a narrator revealing the power of dreams. There are three Dream Seekers: Elfin (representing nature, magic and emotion) and Cosmo (representing space, the universe and infinity) dance the parade route, interact with guests and "harvest" dreams; Leonardo Columbus (representing discovery, invention and genius) rides the Dream Catcher float, operates its gigantic "wings" and manipulates the float so that chimes and bells ring magically.

The Celebration is a spectacular street festival combining color, music and larger-than-life puppetry that weaves its way through World Showcase. During this joyous celebration, whimsical puppets dance together with guests. Each puppet’s specific movements emphasize its distinct character.

The puppets include:

Hammerman -- A futuristic, powerful and mature spiritual warrior that is friendly, with moves similar to a praying mantis.

Discman -- A teenager, class clown, a rag doll who loves people, very interactive, thinks he’s a dancer but is uncoordinated.

Reverse Marionette -- A toy-like, fatherly teacher who moves in a tender, gently protective way.

Aztec -- A primitive guardian of the human spirit who moves in a precise, regimented and uplifting manner.

Wiggle Girl -- A flirt, child-like, funny and beautiful, who moves like a dancer in a playful, explosive, interactive and unexpected manner.

Angel -- A spiritual, uplifting, heavenly puppet whose movement is graceful, inspiring, free and interactive.

Sprite -- A fragile, vulnerable, shy character who moves in a graceful ballet-like manner.

Birdman -- A tribal, eagle-like protector whose movement is majestic, statue-like, slow and commanding.

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