Spelmanns Gledje Spellmansgledje performs Scandinavian gammel dans (old dance) tunes featuring Norwegian-American fiddler Jonita Aadland. The daughter of Norwegian immigrants, Jonita has played Norwegian music for many years and has studied with some of the greatest Norwegian folk musicians of our time. The group represents the diverse nature of Scandinavian music, ranging from the traditional gammel dans reinlenders and waltzes to gypsy undertones in some of the more lively pieces. In addition, their performances feature demonstrations of Norwegian dance styles. The additional members are Butch Kresovich (Accordion), Jerry Bravo (Bass), Kevin Palacky (Guitar) and Mark Poloka (Recorder-Flute & Dancer). Each of the musicians contribute a wealth of experience in the folk/ethnic music genre. This diversity, combined with Jonita's obvious influence of American fiddling, create a unique sound pleasing to folk music fans of all kinds.
Their new CD "Fiolin Min" (My Violin) is available at the Norway pavilion. It has a variety of lively Scandinavian folk dance music.

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