Le Mime Roland

Le Mime Roland

1996-1999 : Performed in Parisian Cabarets: "La Nouvelle Eve", "Cesar Palace", "Le Milliardaire" and also in many Festivals in France and all over Europe. He also performed at the famous "Parc ASTERIX" and that for the last five years.

1987-1991 : Took part in many shows and TV programs all over Europe: France, Finland, England, Holland, Switzerland, Italy, Germany and Russia. Also Brazil, Hong Kong and Japan.

During two years he took part, with Philippe Gaulier, at his theater , in the workshops for "THEATRICAL DIRECTING", "MASK GAME", "TCHEKHOV'S THEATER", "SHAKESPEARE'S THEATER", "NEUTRAL MASK", "THE PLAY" and "THE CLOWN".

1987-1996 : He organized and animated in France and Brazil several workshops on Corporal Expression in Theater and in Mime.

1985-1987 : In Paris, France, he continued his studies at the "Dramatic Corporeal Mime School of Paris", where under the supervision of teachers Steven Wasson, Corinne Soum, and Daniel Stein, he perfected the Mime technique of Decroux (Master of Marcel Marceau and Jean Louis Barreault).
Le Mime Roland

1981-1984 : He specialized his skills in the art of Mime. He studied with Luiza Monteiro and Luiz de Lima (companion of Marcel Marceau ). In Rio de Janeiro he produced several plays in which he was the sole actor. At the same time he took part in TV programs and movies. Since then he acquired a wider experience in shows, in both Mime and Theater.

1978-1980 : In collaboration with the Brazilian troupe "Vira-Lata" he produced several shows for the youth.

1975-1978 : Started his artistic career in Mime and Theater and participated in several Theatrical Mime Creations.

CONTACT: Phone: (321) 303-3138 Email: zroland@hotmail.com


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