Rondó Masquerade

(Formerly Rondó Veneziano)


Rondo Masquerade
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From Venice, Italy, this contemporary string
septet performs classically inspired European music.

A refreshing twist in classical music has hit American shores. Through the creativity and imagination of Maestro Gian Piero Reverberi, this genre has been revitalized. This renaissance is called "Rondó Masquerade". Composed of a keyboard, cello, two violins, oboe, bass guitar and drums the group produces a sound that children love to dance to, while at the same time appeals to adults who can appreciate the melodic quality of the music.

Rondó is pleasing audiences with its ecclectic ballads composed by Reverberi. These songs comprise 15 of the 18 cd's in the Rondó Masquerade (Veneziano) catalog; the other 3 cd's showcase works by Vivaldi, Beethoven, and Mozart.

Reverberi, who has worked with artists like Neil Sadaka, Paul Anka, and Italian Artist Mina, came up with the idea for Rondó in 1979. Due to the demand for his music, he has since then performed extensively throughout Europe and abroad.

Rondó Masquerade began performances at EPCOT in December 1995. This first ever American appearance by the award-winning group is shaking up many preconcieved notions as to what this genre should sound like. Drop in, and let the door open to a new experience in classical music.

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