Flights of Wonder
at Caravan Stage

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Embark on a humorous adventure featuring
exotic birds from around the world.

From a Disney press release:

"Flights of Wonder" -- A cast of 30 species of birds and a wise old mythological Phoenix help Luke, a novice flight keeper, and an audience of Disney's Animal Kingdom guests, discover a natural treasure. Set in the crumbling fortified Asian town of Anandapur, "Flights of Wonder" features Harris hawks, Barbary falcons, macaws, ibis and many other birds of all sizes that sweep and soar above the audience or scoot across the stage. As the birds are revealed, the Phoenix and several flight keepers help Luke develop a greater respect and understanding of birds in their natural environments. Although the presentation is carefully rehearsed, birds are being taught to show off their natural talent, not to do "tricks."

"Flights of Wonder" was developed by Walt Disney World Entertainment in collaboration with Steve Martin of Natural Encounters, Inc., who is renowned for producing educational animal shows. It is presented several times daily at the Caravan Stage outdoor amphitheater on the outskirts of Asia in the new park.

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